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Rank Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. (RMPL) is an innovative company that specializes in Trenchless & Underground, Water, Sewer, Oil/Gas Pipe Lines &  all type Electrical Work, Airports, Runways, Airfield Ground Lighting System.
RMPL was formed in 1998. We have maintained our focus to provide services for the Trenchless & Underground technology, Water, Airport, Runways, Airfield ground lighting system. We have number of Staff ranging from 100-160 people. Our Commitment to these simple objectives has meant we continually provide a reliable, high  quality and innovative service.

To help achieve this we maintain an experienced management team working  with a properly trained, competent work force. Investment in new technology and the development of our own specialist equipment enables us to provide solutions to meet our client's objectives.

To deliver a professional, high quality service dedicated to meeting our clients
    requirements and expectations.             

To maintain a safe working environment at all times.

To expand our business and develop services mutually beneficial to our valued clients and